Public relations manufactures our consent to corporate exploitation

If a Monarchy builds an Empire on the appropriation of land for the extraction of resources, the social organization of such an endeavour is designed to value resources over human beings. If the story of this world is founded upon the scarcity of resources and the competition with other empires to secure the largest share of the available resources as a means of survival, there will be a strong motivation to eliminate any possible threats to global dominance. Consequently, the Indigenous Peoples of the world would be considered, at best, an impediment to world domination. A bureaucratic machinery would be sanctioned by Royal Proclamation to claim any poorly defended territories by first issuing a law that states in legal prose the ownership of said lands has been judiciously appointed to the Crown.

Any objections should be taken up by potential litigants with letters of courteous civil discourse with the appointed ministers of the Crown who have been charged with the dispensation of the rules and judgments of the Royal Proclamations.

With the dissolution of the Monarchy, in practice, if not in legal governance or by public acclaim, the Rights and Title of the land appropriated by Royal Proclamation should instead be entrusted to those who have the largest amounts of the currency issued by the Monarch, whose image has been so represented upon said currency. As corporations have been granted legal personhood, it is least likely that any single individual is able to amass monetary value, real estate, and other forms of property and assets as efficiently as an entity that has been designed to scale such efforts to industrial levels of resource extraction, whether the commodity is vegetable, mineral, or animal. Similar logic may be applied to human resources, as commodification renders them as expendable liabilities on a balance sheet.

All relationships should be considered in relation to the hierarchy established by the Crown, according to the valuation that must be applied with regard to one’s station, position, or class. The population should henceforth be educated in such a way as to understand one’s station only with respect to the time that can be reasonably expected to maintain the status quo, upon which the edifice of amusements is precariously established. The house of cards must not be revealed as such. Through the duties of public relations managers, the reputation of the Crown and the Nation will be polished clean of any surreptitious motivations of the subjugation of the royal subjects. Henceforth, the Prime Ministers and Premiers of the Royal Dominion shall obfuscate the true intentions of the Crown, who will fulfill the duties of the head of state as a distraction to the actual dominance of the aristocratic rulers, who have been reframed and fashioned as entrepreneurial leaders and business executives and philanthropic celebrities to whom unquestioning allegiance are afforded by a media establishment that trains the population to regard such affairs as of paramount importance.