The world is in crisis as its core values are found to be bankrupt

Canada’s Reckoning

“While your government did initially show remarkable restraint, you have of course in the end given a nod to enforcement action, which is now being pursued by national, provincial and municipal police forces across the country. That enforcement will not bring resolution to the deep concerns that underly these rights struggles and protests. For many communities it only adds to decades of trauma associated with violent and repressive police and judicial action that has been at the heart of the most shameful and upsetting chapters of Canadian history.”

“We have written to you previously urging that at a minimum Canada comply with the decision of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination with respect to the Coastal GasLink pipeline, TransMountain Pipeline Expansion and Site C dam. The importance of governments in Canada living up to the country’s international human rights obligations in those three situations and many others has been frequently reiterated by Indigenous peoples across Canada, yet your government has not shown any intention to do so.”

“And for over 100 years, you stole our children and you put them in residential schools to wipe their minds so they didn’t remember about this. So they didn’t remember their language. But for 100 years, you did the same thing to your own children…”

‪“Reconciliation was never alive.”

‪“You have the power to stop this—to redefine the country you call home. It’s up to you—not any politician or corporation.” ‬

‪“Show us the resolve of your solidarity. Show us that the #MythofCanada can be replaced by its truth.”‬


Design’s Reckoning

“For the past couple of decades, the tech companies of Silicon Valley (and beyond) have run unchecked, causing havoc, destroying civil discourse, democracy, ruining personal relationships, running marketplaces of harassment and abuse, all to line their pockets. The very worst part is that they did it with our labor.”

“This isn't a talk, this is a union meeting.”

— Mike Monteiro